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The Graceful Futures Society (GFS) is a ​501c3 nonprofit organization focused on ​the current well-being and futures of ​teen girls exposed to domestic violence.


Lessen the impact of early exposure to domestic violence for teen girls through emotional and other forms of well-being support.


Decrease the likelihood of teen girls exposed to domestic violence from repeating the DV cycle for a better future.


Increasing the self-esteem and overall positive self-view of teen girls exposed to domestic violence.


Form partnerships and create opportunities that increase financial and overall economic well-being of teen girls.


Establish a budding safe and empowering ​community that supports teen girls exposed and ​in turn allows them to pay-it-forward to new ​members

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Jamika Render


The Founder


2X Suicide Attempt Survivor

Childhood Domestic Violence Witness

Jesus Lover


Jamika Render's journey is one of resilience and grace. From witnessing domestic violence ​starting in elementary school to enduring its impact well into her twenties, Jamika faced ​severe depression that led to two suicide attempts. However, these dark times illuminated the ​profound grace in her life, inspiring her to extend this grace to others through her ​experiences. Recognizing the need for a foundational reset, she found her voice, set ​boundaries, and discovered God's strength within her.

This transformative journey led to the creation of The Graceful Futures Society, also known as ​The House of Grace-Georgia. Through this nonprofit, Jamika empowers pre-teen and teen ​girls by providing them with the tools and knowledge she wished she had during her own ​struggles, fostering a future of strength, resilience, and grace. Most importantly, through her ​experiences, she understands that she has been blessed to help advance girls exposed to ​domestic violence feel seen. She fully understands, and studies confirm, that most girls ​exposed to domestic violence are a missed population because they would rather blend in.


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Elev8 Her

Elev8 Her is for girls 16 years and up ​looking to get a jump on their future ​or change through the future ​through Google Career Scholarships. ​Through this program, participants ​are provided scholarships to earn 1 of ​6 certificates in high-paying tech ​fields including IT and Cybersecurity.

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Her Life Matters Curriculum

The Her Life Matters curriculum is a ​designed for teen girls exposed to ​domestic violence. This curriculum aims ​to empower these girls to love ​themselves, foster hope, achieve unseen ​goals, and build dynamic futures with ​healthy relationships and habits, ​breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

The Grace Box

The Grace Box is just that, a box that ​inspires recipients to give themselves ​grace but it also helps them understand ​that concept. It is full of great goodies ​from inspirational items to beauty ​items.

Please note that these items do change frequently. For more ​details on the current box, feel free to email ​

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